Friday, 16 August 2013

Sugarpill CRAZY!

Today’s review is on three Sugarpill palettes, Heart Breaker, Sweet Heart and Burning Heart. I chose these palette’s because they are drop dead gorgeous and totally my style, not to mention the intense pigment these eye shadows have to offer. Each palette has four pans containing 4g of product and a good sized mirror inside the compact. The palette is made from a heavy-duty cardboard with a matte black finish and it stays closed with a magnet on the edge, keeping it safe and secure. The eye shadows create very little fallout so the palette stays pretty clean. I purchased my palettes from Cock TailCosmetics for £24.95 each alternatively you can buy shades individually for £8.95.

All the shadows are bursting with pigment the colour you see in the pan is the colour you will be wearing once applied. In terms of application these eye shadows are great to work with, they apply with ease, easy to blend and they create very little fallout. Using an eye/eye shadow primer is optional but I always tend to use a primer because some of the eye shadows stain my skin and using a good quality primer prevents staining. Read about my favourite eye/eye shadow primer HERE. The eye shadows can also been worn on the lips when combined with a mixing medium, as well as creating liquid liner in combination of the eye shadow and a mixing medium again.  

My overall experience with these eye shadows is out of this word fantastic there is not a thing I can complain about, Sugarpill is now one of my favourite make-up brands If you are looking for super pigmented bright eye shadows you need Sugarpill in your life, trust me you will not be disappointed. Sadly Sugarpill is a little tricky to get your hands on in the UK.  The official Sugarpill website is amazing and extremely pretty just like their range of cosmetics, but the products are nearly always out of stock but I guess that is a good thing as they are obviously well liked. Alternatively there is a few websites online where you can buy Sugarpill Cosmetics.  

Are you a fan of Sugarpill?