Tuesday 17 September 2013

Loving Lately #

1. Avon Colour & Contour Powder in Rose Glow
The colour and contour powder is a lovely duo it has a bronzer and a highlighter that looks wonderful on its own or swirled tighter for a radiant glow. The duo is easy to use and works well with my skin tone. Sturdy and practical compact that is perfect for on the go.

2. Rimmel Union Jack Eye Palette Heart of Gold
My friend gave me this palette and I’ve been using it ever since. I swirl all the shades together to make a lovely shimmery brown shade. The powder is soft and packed with pigment which I wasn’t expecting for a drugstore eye shadow. It lasts all day and I can see myself wearing these eye shadows all through autumn. 

3. Rituals Volume Mascara
This mascara was a sample that came in last month’s edition of InStyle Magazine. I was really excited to try it out because I’m a huge fan of Rituals bath and body products and never tried their make-up products before. The brush is traditionally shaped and has long soft bristles that collect a good amount of product from the tube. I find the mascara nice to apply but that maybe because the wand is smaller as it’s a sample version. I get amazing results every time I use this mascara, which is why I keep going back to it. It gives me long thick lashes that stay looking good all day, and I will be investing in the full size tube once I run low. 

4. Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Nude
I absolutely love this eyeliner because it very pigmented, waterproof and lasts all day long. This nude shade is perfect for everyday because it’s not as bold as white eyeliner but none the less beautiful. There are many other shades available which I’m dying to get my hands on.

5. MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation NC15
This is my go to foundation when I’m having my morning rush to get ready because it’s so quick and easy to apply. It’s a shade darker than my Studio Fix Fluid Foundation but it’s not massively noticeable. It has a decent medium to full coverage, long lasting, breathable and looks flawless. 

6. Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner Flash
Flash is a lovely pearly pink that looks flawless on the waterline. It has a soft creamy gel formula that glides on with ease and is packed with pigment. Once set it lasts all day. Unfortunately these eyeliner are now discontinued but the original black and silver eyeliners are still available.   

7. La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo 
I purchased this because my skin was breaking out really badly and I heard really good things about it. The serum has a very mild fragrance, it sinks into the skin quickly and it makes a nice base for make-up. I honestly don't think it’s all it's made out to be because I still have pretty bad blemishes, but it does calm my spots and they look less angry and red, It also calms the redness on my skin and that's why I've been liking this product. Works well for my skin but not so much for my blemishes.  

Monday 16 September 2013

Spending most the day playing with make up.....! YAY

Before my manic week of job interviews and birthday planning started I though I would play around with make up for the day and come up with some creepy Halloween style make up looks. Unfortunately I don't own any special effects make up at the moment but once I'm employed I'm gonna go CRAZY!! All the products used to create these looks are simply a mix of drugstore and high end makeup. 

I have no idea what to call these looks if you have any ideas please let me know!

Wednesday 4 September 2013

Tangle Teezer & Tangle Tamer Review

These two brushes have changed my life for the better I no longer dread brushing my hair or feel like my hair isn’t brushed properly. Since I started bleaching my hair it became quite dry and very knotty so much so I was losing a lot of hair. I have always had crazy thick hair so my hair loss wasn’t obvious but brushing my hair became very unpleasant for me. Using Avon’s Kids Naturals Hair Tamer made brushing my hair less dramatic but the pain and hair loss was still accruing, however this has been a Holy Grail product for me before I started bleaching my hair. My hairdresser recommended the tangle teezer brush as she thought it would improve my hair brushing experience. I decided to purchase the tangle teezer from my local Boots store for £10.99 and I chose the purple glitter teezer. 

I’ve been using the tangle teezer for two months and I’m so glad my hairdresser recommended it to me because it has improved the quality of my hair. I no longer need to use Avon’s Kids Naturals Hair Tamer because the tangle teezer does an amazing job all by itself. I was pleasantly surprised the first time I used the tangle teezer because I had knots in my hair and the tangle teezer brushed through my hair as if there wasn’t any knots at all. By using the tangle teezer I receive no pain and just a small amount of hair locked into the brush that everybody gets from brushing their hair. It terms of brushing out knots this brush is fantastic but I still sometimes get those really big horrible knots but the tangle teezer works really well at brushing them out with next to no pain, it just takes a little while longer. For people with thick hair like myself you may have to improvise in how you use the tangle teezer. 

Because I’ve been using the tangle teezer on a daily basic my hair is not as knotty anymore but brushing my hair in the shower was still painful. Even though the tangle teezer can be used on wet hair I like to keep a separate brush in my shower so I decided to go out and purchase a second tangle teezer, but instead I came across the tangle tamer which looked like a general hair brush apart from the bristles varied in size so I decided to the go with tamer instead. I purchased the tangle tamer by Denman from my local Boots store for £6.99. It was a fantastic choice to make because the tangle tamer is perfect for in the shower, just like the tangle teezer it brushes through my hair as if no knots were there. I can now apply conditioner and brush it though my hair knowing the conditioner has been applied to every strand.

I recommend these hair brushes to people and children who have knotty hair or experience pain when brushing. You can purchase these brushes from most Boots stores alternatively you can purchase them HERE and HERE.

Tuesday 20 August 2013

Mac Studio Fix Fluid in NW10 (LONG REVIEW)

I recently purchased Studio Fix Fluid in NW10 online from Mac Cosmetics. I chose NW10 because it’s the lightest shade of this particular foundation.  Mac says this foundation is supposed to have natural matte finish and a medium buildable coverage with a broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 15. Comfortable and lasting time of up to eight hours, applies smoothly, builds coverage quickly and easily. Contains specially treated micronized pigments and soft focus powders for a super-smooth look that helps to minimize the appearance of imperfections. Absorbs and dispenses oil, oil free.  I purchased this foundation because people rave about it and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, but Mac’s statement made me even keener to try this myself. Be aware when you purchase this foundation it does not come with a pump, but you can buy the pump separately.  I do find this a little odd as most bottled foundations come standard with a pump, I would love to know why Mac decided on this. I decided not to buy a pump because I figured if it doesn’t come standard them it must not be essential. 

Okay so I was wrong the pump is essential….the foundation is quite thick therefore a pump is needed otherwise it’s a long frustrating time trying to get the product from the bottle, I have no idea what Mac where thinking. The foundation has a general foundation scent to it but once applied the scent fades away. Like I said the consistency is quite thick and creamy but it applies beautifully.  I’ve used different tools to apply this including, a stipple brush, foundation brush, face brush, sponges and my fingers and I get a flawless finish every time.  In terms of colour it’s very pale perfect for us porcelain skinned people and it doesn’t change colour throughout the day. It has an impressive medium buildable coverage that does not look cakey or overdone.  But this is where things start to go downhill for me unfortunately, and it may just be my skin type or the time of the year I don’t know. Once I’ve finished applying my face in the morning it looks fantastic but within a few hours the foundation starts to disappear and all my blemishes are starting to make an appearance……this is not what I was expecting because I didn’t have a bad word to say until this happened. 

The next day I decided to use Mac’s Pro Longwear Concealer in NC15 to conceal any imperfections because it’s my current favourite concealer because it does such an amazing job, and I set the foundation with Mac Studio Fix Powder Foundation. It sounds like I had a face full of foundation but I only applied a small amount of the powder foundation. Again in looked amazing but would it make any difference in lasting time……I’m glad to say it made all the difference, it stayed put all day and remained looking fabulous.

My overall opinion is very mixed because I like everything about Studio Fix Fluid apart from the short lasting time and the pump issue. It looks great don’t get me wrong but it’s a chew having to purchase two foundations, a pump and concealer to get this make up to last.  Even though I love Studio Fix Powder Foundation and the Longwear Concealer and will re-purchaise I won’t re-purchaise Studio Fix Fluid because If I don’t have the two products just mentioned in hand I can’t get the foundation to work. But I will continue to use the combination till I use them all up because it looks truly amazing.     

So my search for the perfect foundation continues it’s such a shame I was so close to finding it. Please do let me know if there is any foundations you recommended me to try.  Also feel free to share your opinions on today’s post with me.  

Mac Studio Fix Powder Foundation NC15 – Review Coming Soon!
Mac Pro Long wear Concealer in NC15 – Review Coming Soon!

Saturday 17 August 2013

My friends thought I'd been attacked :O

Earlier in the evening I felt the urge to create some kind of make up look but I wanted to create something different to what I usually do. Most of my make-up collection consists of pretty things but lately I've been wanting to create gore / Halloween looks.....maybe that's because Halloween is coming up or my HUGE obsession with Violence and Gore....Anyway this is what I finished with. 

All created with pretty much normal cosmetics.

Mua lip liner in Red Drama
Lime Crime Suedeberry Velvetines Lip Paint
Kate Moss lipstick in shade 4
Collection Lasting colour lipstick in Pink Shock
Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Kajal Eyeliner in Nude

Friday 16 August 2013

Sugarpill CRAZY!

Today’s review is on three Sugarpill palettes, Heart Breaker, Sweet Heart and Burning Heart. I chose these palette’s because they are drop dead gorgeous and totally my style, not to mention the intense pigment these eye shadows have to offer. Each palette has four pans containing 4g of product and a good sized mirror inside the compact. The palette is made from a heavy-duty cardboard with a matte black finish and it stays closed with a magnet on the edge, keeping it safe and secure. The eye shadows create very little fallout so the palette stays pretty clean. I purchased my palettes from Cock TailCosmetics for £24.95 each alternatively you can buy shades individually for £8.95.

All the shadows are bursting with pigment the colour you see in the pan is the colour you will be wearing once applied. In terms of application these eye shadows are great to work with, they apply with ease, easy to blend and they create very little fallout. Using an eye/eye shadow primer is optional but I always tend to use a primer because some of the eye shadows stain my skin and using a good quality primer prevents staining. Read about my favourite eye/eye shadow primer HERE. The eye shadows can also been worn on the lips when combined with a mixing medium, as well as creating liquid liner in combination of the eye shadow and a mixing medium again.  

My overall experience with these eye shadows is out of this word fantastic there is not a thing I can complain about, Sugarpill is now one of my favourite make-up brands If you are looking for super pigmented bright eye shadows you need Sugarpill in your life, trust me you will not be disappointed. Sadly Sugarpill is a little tricky to get your hands on in the UK.  The official Sugarpill website is amazing and extremely pretty just like their range of cosmetics, but the products are nearly always out of stock but I guess that is a good thing as they are obviously well liked. Alternatively there is a few websites online where you can buy Sugarpill Cosmetics.  

Are you a fan of Sugarpill?