Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Tangle Teezer & Tangle Tamer Review

These two brushes have changed my life for the better I no longer dread brushing my hair or feel like my hair isn’t brushed properly. Since I started bleaching my hair it became quite dry and very knotty so much so I was losing a lot of hair. I have always had crazy thick hair so my hair loss wasn’t obvious but brushing my hair became very unpleasant for me. Using Avon’s Kids Naturals Hair Tamer made brushing my hair less dramatic but the pain and hair loss was still accruing, however this has been a Holy Grail product for me before I started bleaching my hair. My hairdresser recommended the tangle teezer brush as she thought it would improve my hair brushing experience. I decided to purchase the tangle teezer from my local Boots store for £10.99 and I chose the purple glitter teezer. 

I’ve been using the tangle teezer for two months and I’m so glad my hairdresser recommended it to me because it has improved the quality of my hair. I no longer need to use Avon’s Kids Naturals Hair Tamer because the tangle teezer does an amazing job all by itself. I was pleasantly surprised the first time I used the tangle teezer because I had knots in my hair and the tangle teezer brushed through my hair as if there wasn’t any knots at all. By using the tangle teezer I receive no pain and just a small amount of hair locked into the brush that everybody gets from brushing their hair. It terms of brushing out knots this brush is fantastic but I still sometimes get those really big horrible knots but the tangle teezer works really well at brushing them out with next to no pain, it just takes a little while longer. For people with thick hair like myself you may have to improvise in how you use the tangle teezer. 

Because I’ve been using the tangle teezer on a daily basic my hair is not as knotty anymore but brushing my hair in the shower was still painful. Even though the tangle teezer can be used on wet hair I like to keep a separate brush in my shower so I decided to go out and purchase a second tangle teezer, but instead I came across the tangle tamer which looked like a general hair brush apart from the bristles varied in size so I decided to the go with tamer instead. I purchased the tangle tamer by Denman from my local Boots store for £6.99. It was a fantastic choice to make because the tangle tamer is perfect for in the shower, just like the tangle teezer it brushes through my hair as if no knots were there. I can now apply conditioner and brush it though my hair knowing the conditioner has been applied to every strand.

I recommend these hair brushes to people and children who have knotty hair or experience pain when brushing. You can purchase these brushes from most Boots stores alternatively you can purchase them HERE and HERE.


  1. I have really thick hair as well, I might give this a try although it is a bit pricey

    1. I thought the tangle teezer seemed pricey too but it's totally worth it. I couldn't live without it now.

      Paula Piranha


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